Audio guide

Halle (Saale) can be heard!

Explore Halle (Saale) with your eyes and ears wide open! Our audio guide for smartphones and tablets will lead you to the main attractions of Handel City while providing useful tips and facinating information on Halle’s history and culture. Simply scan the QR code and your discovery tour can begin! Join Cardinal Albrecht and the young George Frideric Handel on their time traveling journey through Halle.

No smartphone available? Enjoy the use of our audio guide on the Web.

PS: It's free!

How the audio guide works

“Start Tour” starts your tour through downtown Halle (Saale). The guide introduces you to 12 sights over the course of about 60 to 90 minutes. There are also 8 additional bonus sights that are either within walking distance of the town, or for the more adventure types, off the beaten path. Control the volume with the buttons on your smartphone as you would normally.

Main Menu

This takes you to the map, which will show you the exact locations of all the sights.

Takes you back to the home screen. Here you can start the tour anew.

All stops are listed. You can access any point of interest directly.

Audio Player

1. Start or pause the current point of interest.

2. Switch to the next or the previous point of interest

3. Fast forward to the desired spot in the narration.

4. Adjust audio quality. The selection depends on your Internet reception.

Scanning a QR Code

To scan you need a QR code reader app for your smartphone.

We recommend the following apps:

i-nigma QR Code

Barcoo Barcode Reader & QR Scanner


Destination: Halle (Saale)
It’s truly astounding that … the city of Halle possesses one of the largest surface architectural monuments in Europe in its historic centre.
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