Targeted diversity

Our scope of tasks include event marketing for tourism, science and the city. Consequently, our various multi-year projects may seem somewhat eclectic at first glance. A selection is presented here. However, everything we do is subject to a defined brand with a clear purpose in mind. Simply announcing events is hence taboo.  

Culture Chiefs for Halle

Halle’s cultural chiefs are represented by the symbol of seven coloured feathers, symbolic of the seven cultural leaders of Handel City Halle. Halle’s leading cultural, educational and scientific institutions are: the Handel House Foundation; the Francke Foundation; the Moritzburg Art Museum of Halle; the State Museum of Prehistory; the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg; the Burg Giebichenstein College of Fine Arts; and the Halle Theatre, Opera and Orchestra GmbH. Together they represent the above-mentioned brand "only here". Through active cooperation, bundled budgets, and collective marketing expertise in the field of national marketing, our culture and knowledge network can create an advertising presence with the clout and attention that each individual institution would find very hard to achieve by itself.

Science marketing

The network created for the “Year of Science 2012” between the city of Halle (Saale), Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH (SMG) and the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) continues now on the Internet platform Science marketing, thanks to its reorganization of the Services Centre for Science and Industry, became a topic for the Halle city administration. Moreover, SMG , in collaboration with the university marketing of the MLU, has invested in a variety of projects that focus on recruiting new students for whom Halle (Saale) intends to care, possibly with the result of attracting more Halle citizens-to-be.

During College Information Day, Stadtmarketing offers free guided city tours, on foot or by bus, to all prospective students. Also, guests from abroad get free parking on the Friedemann-Bach-Platz very close to the campus.

Long Night of Science
Every year, we support promotion for the "Long Night of Science" with placards on lamp posts and triangular display stands. Furthermore, Stadtmarketing provides annually changing content to the programme on the Friedemann-Bach-Platz. 

“Welcome Day” at the Lantern Festival
Since 2010, the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg and the Stadtmarketing have successfully organized a “Welcome Day” during the annual Lantern Festival. During Central Germany’s finest festival, prospective students can find information on studying and living in Halle both in front of and on passenger ship “MS Handel I”, as well as in the spacious hallesaale* lounge on the Saale river banks. Municipal housing organizations and companies as well as the student union are present to offer students assistance.

“Welcome Bags” 
During the first study week in October, Stadtmarketing and the university distribute “welcome bags” to freshmen in their new adopted home. The bag is filled with useful items and snacks, thanks to the contributions of partners from Halle's areas of culture, economy and science.

City on and in the river

Lantern Festival - the Finest Festival in Central Germany

The City of Halle (on the Saale) is the organizer of the Lantern Festival. Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH (SMG) implements the advertising campaign for this finest festival in central Germany and points to the Lantern Festival as a visiting destination.

This includes posters and placards; advertisements; the creation of an event brochure, with the corresponding recruitment of advertising and media partners; support for sponsors; the hallesaale* lounge being provided as an Info-Service Point during the Lantern Festival; and touristic marketing of water sports and tourism for the festival weekend, with a focus on “Living on the River”.

Visitors can book guided boat tours for water sports enthusiasts and get travel tips that relate to the festival. The media appeal is more powerful than ever before, thanks to the active participation of a vital mix of media partners, including the Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR) and the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (MZ). The marketing concept has been redesigned. The Lantern Festival program will be published as a newspaper supplement, with a circulation of 170,000 copies. This means that the circulation of the brochure has increased sixfold and it is now much more widely distributed in the region.

Project supported by: City Halle (Saale) along with all the event partners, media partners MDR and MZ, Förderverein Pro Halle e.V., the companies on the banks of the river Saale and providers of water tourism.

Water Tourism in Halle with Skipper and Nutria

The river Saale flows through Halle for 28 kilometers along its original course among protected floodplains and wildlife sanctuaries— perfect conditions for the development of natural water tourism. There are a wide range of options, from watercycles, rowboats and motorboats to the “Saale-kringel” rafts and larger motorized vessels.

The swimming beach on the Saale river in Halle is Germany's first official swimming beach along a river. Together with the municipality Halle (Saale), various political networks, as well as companies along the Saale River, continuously expand the river infrastructure in the form of landings and boat ramps, gas stations and other services on the river.

The guided boat tour, “Lantern Festival Flotilla”, which goes from Calbe to Halle, is a bookable attraction that regularly brings visitors to Halle (Saale) via the waterways. The flotilla boat tour covers 70 kilometers and takes six days to complete. The goal: participation in the boat parade with fireworks and enjoying one of the finest festivals on the Saale from the unique vantage point of the river.

Project supported by: Förderverein Pro Halle e.V., Stadt Halle (Saale), regional water tourist network on the Saale in Halle, Saalestammtisch


Touristic portfolio

To discover and experience the more-than-1200-year-old city on the Saale River, Stadtmarketing Halle offers more than 40 themed guided tours. Visitors to Halle can choose from up to six guided tours that are offered daily. They can take in the wonderful view over the city from the Hausmann Towers or discover Halle (Saale) at night with the other night owls. All touristic offers are advertised in current brochures.   

  • Guided City Tours
    Four times per year Stadtmarketing publishes a brochure about the available guided city tours for individual travelers and groups. The almost-30-page folder contains information on guided tour dates and prices, presents tourist favourites and provides a quarterly overview of the approximately 300 different attractions. 
  • Halle in a day
    This brochure-style guide to the city provides an overview of the most beautiful and significant sites in Handel City. It invites you to stroll through Halle along various suggested sights. The brochure is available in seven languages - German, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch, and Chinese. A German audio guide is also available. By means of QR codes, the listener can conveniently organize his or her own city tour from a park bench, and go on an entertaining journey through time accompanied by Cardinal Albrecht and the young George Friedrich Handel.
  • Hallunken-Schunkel
    A convenient and comfortable way to discover Halle: take a “boat trip” with the Hallunken-Schunkel. It accomodates up to 72 people. The sights of Halle (Saale) can be experienced on four different tours ranging from 35 minutes to an hour in length. The highlight is a panorama roof that can be opened when the weather is good. 

 More brochures can be downloaded here.

Tourist Fairs

With up to 15 fairs and travel workshops each year, Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH (SMG) presents Halle as a worthy travel destination to national and international tour operators.

Chief among the touristic fairs we participate in are: the International Tourism Fair in Berlin (ITB) in March; the RDA Workshop in Cologne in July; and higher-grade, annual travel workshops with European patrons of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB), which take place in a different European city each year, and in which we appear promotionally. Always part of the package are the “Halle Culture Chiefs”—either participating directly on location at a fair as a partner of SMG, or actively promoted by Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH campaigns. The touristic destination markets for culture-seeking city travelers as defined by SMG are: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark and Russia.  

Project supported by: Network Halle Culture Chiefs, partners from the hotel and catering bracket, the SMG network of cultural and recreational facilities in Halle and its region, national and regional marketing.                 

Marketer of the Halle Christmas Market

The Halle Christmas Market is organized by the city of Halle (Saale) and marketed by SMG. In this context it developed and continues to run the accompanying advertising campaign with the cute reindeer “Finni and Rudi”.  

The Finni and Rudi Christmas Market Cups with various reindeer designs and colours are the most popular souvenirs in the Halle Christmas Market and now have collector status, not just among reindeer enthusiasts.

In the Christmas Market Brochure, Finni and Rudi give tips for excursions and events during the holiday season in Handel City Halle (Saale), inviting the reader to come and visit. The free brochure contains more than 250 family specials with approximately 80 partners from Halle and its region. 

The Finni and Rudi merchandise collection is constantly being expanded and is available from the Halle (Saale) Tourist Information as well as the online shop. The Finni and Rudi Advent Calendar is, of course, filled with chocolates from the Halloren Chocolate Factory Halle AG, Germany's oldest chocolate factory. Vouchers for overnight accommodations as well as cultural and recreational attractions are hidden behind the little doors of the calendar, as an incentive to visit Handel City after the Christmas season.


Born in 1685 in Halle on the Saale, G. F. Handel's life and work are still deeply anchored in the cultural life of the city. His works have always been part of the performance repertoire of the Handel Festival and are what make it such a magnet to both visitors and international stars of the baroque music scene. But the Handel experience is not restricted to the Handel Festival only; Stadtmarketing Halle also offers themed tours and a wide range of Handel merchandise.

Just in time for the 2015 Handel Festival, six new Handel souvenirs became available, both at the Halle Tourist Information and at the mobile Halle information booths during the festival concerts. A colourful graffiti Handel with sunglasses and a rainbow – a design from the Handel series “Graffiti says ‘Hi’ to George” from the Freiraumgalerie – and various merchandise items decorated with Handel quotes. These items and many others are available in the Stadtmarketing Halle online shop and the tourist information office.

To the Shop.

Luther 2017

On October 31, 2017 is the 500th anniversary of the publication of the 95 theses that Martin Luther, according to oral tradition, nailed to the door of the Schlosskirche church in Wittenberg. In 2017 this anniversary of the Reformation, unlike any anniversary of the Reformation or of Luther thus far, is being celebrated globally, which will draw central Germany (“Lutherland”) into the special focus of 300 million Protestant Christians. In places as diverse as Tierra del Fuego and Finland, South Korea and North America, world-wide international projects—travelling exhibitions, choirs, international foundation partnerships and conventions, tour operators, and press trips, and so on—demonstrate the need for tourist marketing for this exceptional anniversary.

The anniversary of the Reformation is a unique media opportunity to strengthen the world's awareness of central Germany and to draw the heartland and nucleus of the Reformation into touristic focus. Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH (SMG) is currently developing tourist material and travel specials for this purpose. It has, for example, created press and touristic networks to prepare hospitality deals for Luther’s worldwide fans. 2017 will be a starting signal for Luther tourism to Germany.

Project support: Kirchenkreis Halle-Saalekreis, Francke Foundations in Halle, Halle Culture Chiefs –, Luther 2017 State Office, Wege zu Luther, Luther TourComm Germany, German National Tourist Board (GNTB), Investment and Marketing Company (IMG), Protestant Church Central Germany (EKM), Reformationsjubiläum e.V., Luther Town Eisleben, “Zentrum Taufe Eisleben“

On our way to UNESCO

What connects the cathedral in Cologne with the pyramids of Egypt, the lagoons of Venice with the Inca city Machu Picchu and the Grand Canyon with the Wattenmeer? They are all impressive witnesses of past cultures, artistic masterpieces and unique natural landscapes endowed with the title UNESCO World Heritage and were therefore placed under special international protection.

One day there could be a World Heritage site right in the middle of Halle. The World Heritage title would also create a positive momentum for the city. The Francke Foundations have been on the list of candidates for a World Heritage Site since 1998 and have been nominated by the Federal Republic of Germany as such. On its journey to UNESCO World Heritage, Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH has supported the Francke Foundations with a variety of joint projects and promotional activities.

For example, we converted a flamboyant red camper van from the 60's into a mobile photo studio. Since 2015, the World Heritage Van has been on tour, collecting photos from supporters holding their hand in the typical “Francke Gesture”—the index finger pointed towards the sky, just like August Hermann Francke, the founder of the institution, does in his monument.

The Francke Foundations Board of Trustees decided during its meeting on January 7, 2016, in close collaboration with the Foreign Ministry, to withdraw the application of the Francke Foundations for acceptance as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The August Hermann Francke school village has since enjoyed the tentative status which will allow them to resubmit their application at a later date.


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It’s truly astounding that… the city of Halle possesses the world’s oldest brotherhood in the form of the Hallors, the brotherhood of salt producers in Thale zu Halle.
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