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Intention of Use
You are entitled to use all files in the Press Section (image, film, audio material and press releases) for image-enhancing purposes, for marketing Halle as a travel destination and for reporting about the Handel City Halle on the Saale in general as well as for private use. The right to use these materials is unique.

The use of files for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited. Please contact us if you want to use images of Halle for commercial use, e.g. photo books, postcards, posters, etc.

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No data are transferred.

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All images are protected by copyright. SMG and its licensors hold the necessary rights to the images.
Please respect the copyright. When publishing the images add the information in this format: © [Name of photographer], Stadt Halle (Saale) 2016

The film and audio materials have protectable content and their copyright must be clearly indicated when used.

Changing the files
The downloaded or acquired files may only be modified after written approval and consultation with SMG.

Exemption from third party claims
SMG is to be indemnified from any third party claims arising from the use of the files made available that do not constitute use that is expressly permitted by this agreement.

SMG’s liability is limited to intent and gross negligence. SMG assumes no liability for the usability or marketability of files for a particular purpose.

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It’s truly astounding that… the city of Halle inspired artists such as Feininger, Eichendorff, Goethe and Novalis.
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