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Modern gastronomy, with micro-brewed beer specialties, the hearty Halle “Flammkuchen” and a selection of traditional dishes.
The Avecio is an all-round Café that offers delicious sweet treats, like cakes and pies, as well as a sumptuous savory menu. It also doubles up as a boutique that sells luxury leather goods and can be hired for events and functions.
Another venue inspired by Handel, this restaurant takes its name from the word “Hallelujah”; it offers cocktails and culinary delights in an all-round feel-good atmosphere
This quaint little guesthouse near the Handel House offers hearty traditional fare
This cozy restaurant, located close to the cathedral, offers a wide variety of choices on the menu in addition to a luxurious wine list.
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Destination: Halle (Saale)
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It’s truly astounding that… the city of Halle possesses the world’s oldest brotherhood in the form of the Hallors, the brotherhood of salt producers in Thale zu Halle.
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