Hallesches Brauhaus

Hallesches Brauhaus

The complete name of this establishment is “Hallesches Brauhaus Kühler Brunnen“. Admittedly that is quite a mouthful, but don’t let that put you off! This restaurant is home to sophisticated and wonderfully fused delicacies that will elicit “oooh’s” and “ahhhh’s” from all who are lucky enough to visit. Additionally this establishment is linked to a special historic site, the “Kühler Brunnen” (the cool spring). Tour guides like to tell stories about this old former tavern when they pass here, many of which - as is the case so often in this city - involve Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg as the main character.

The brewing products are exactly the same as they were during the old cardinal’s times: the Light Hallsch, the Schönitzer Pils and the Albrecht dark. The hearty fare available makes a splendid companion to these beers. You can also expect to find, “grease on bread”, soljanka with brew master bread, goulash or beer roast in addition to Brussels sprouts in a pan as a vegetarian option – This list is both impressive and heavenly. The true star of the show that is praised by all guests are the many variations of Halle’s hearty flammkuchen. Other specialties available in this establishment include beer mustard, “Bierwürzgelee” and the so-called “Kardinalsbrand”. This eating house is trendy, tasty and exceedingly well run.

Große Nikolaistraße 2, 06108 Halle (on the Saale)
Monday – Friday from 4.00 pm
Saturday from 11.00 am
Sunday 11.00 to 9.00 pm

Halle Tourist Information

Marktplatz 13
06108 Halle (Saale)

Phone: +49 (0) 345 1229984


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It’s truly astounding that… the city of Halle has been holding the Handel Festival since 1922 to honour its great son.
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