Guided Tours
Experience Halle from the rails and listen to lots of interesting and surprising facts about the sights along the way!
Climb the Hausmann Towers and enjoy the view over the city with a glass of champagne and a subsequent three-course meal in a selected restaurant in Halle.
On the Hausmann Towers enjoy a glass of champagne and get served an exclusive three-course meal including a bottle of wine served by your personal chef for the occasion.
This walk takes you through the Amtsgarten and Reichardts Garten, passing the nearby Klausbergen along the Saale river, and ends at the castle Burg Giebichenstein.
The district court of Halle is not only the home of justice - this more-than-100-year-old building is worth a visit from an architectural viewpoint as well.
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Destination: Halle (Saale)
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It’s truly astounding that… the city of Halle calls the oldest evangelical church library, the Marienbibliothek, its own.
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