Camper lots on the Fährstraße

Camper lots on the Fährstraße

Centrally located on the “Infoplatz Fährstraße” in the Burg Giebichenstein area of Halle are three camper sites with supply and disposal points. The facility is adapted to the needs of the disabled and has public restrooms.

Please notice: parking spaces are in a slight slanted position. Access to the car park not well visible. Driveway is shortly after the curve (coming from the direction of Seebener- / Burgstraße) and before the access to the Saale (Fährstraße runs downhill and cobblestone pavement)

Gastronomy on the square: Restaurant "Zum Mohr", Burg Giebichenstein with open-air museum over the street, approx. 7 min walk to the boat dock "Halle-Saale-Schifffahrt"
(Riveufer 5).

per 60 min. € 0.50
1st day  € 5.00
2 days € 7.00
3 days € 8.00
4 days € 9.00
5 days € 10.00 (max. parking period)

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